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LUPA believes in rebellious minimalism: glorifying defiance and the anti-trend. We are the bold yet unassuming types. The ones that do not follow the rule book of life. We are the ones that do not seek to be understood. We are here to simplify yet amplify details. Our purpose is to innovate, inspire, and influence a world that has become overbuilt and over designed.


MISSION: Lupa means "earth" or "land" in Filipino, our native tongue. We believe in giving back to environmental causes for the sake of caring for an ailing planet. We strive to yield as little waste as possible with the products we build as well as use minimally processed vegetable tanned leather.


PRODUCT AESTHETIC: Our product aesthetic is wabi-sabi; the belief in simplicity, imperfection, asperity, and natural beauty. In essence, its simple luxury at its finest. Each piece handcrafted and one of a kind.

Each bag and accessory is handcrafted in Ojai, California.


Silhouette names are inspired from our favorite product innovators and designers.


Proprietor/Designer: Katrina Espiritu


Photographers: Lisa Aileen Dragani, Erick Thomas, Katrina Espiritu

Stylist/Model: Karina Bowie, Crystal Anderson, Neka Zang

Logo Designer: Vivian Nguyen