Yayoi Circle Bag - Oxblood


Yayoi Circle Bag - Oxblood

Circle bag in vegetable-tanned leather, oblong cutout handles, unlined. 

Underside is brushed for a nice suede feel. This is cow leather.

Leather is a natural material, color/markings may vary from image. Each piece is unique and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA.

Multi-functional as a full bag or folded as a clutch.

Dimension: Diameter 20.5 inches (52.07 cm)


PRE-ORDER NOTE: This seasonal color will ship by mid October.

PRICE NOTE: Why is there a price difference between this Yayoi color versus the original colors? This leather is different from the original leather we use and it is more expensive and limited. It is from a different supplier so the cost per square footage is more expensive which is why the markup is higher. In addition, labor is much higher due to the thickness of the leather as well as the custom edge paint used.